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The SQUIRE Guidelines help authors write excellent, usable articles about quality improvement in healthcare so that findings may be easily discovered and widely disseminated. The SQUIRE website supports high quality writing about improvement through listing available resources and discussions about the writing process

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A listing of journals (with links) that have published articles about the development of SQUIRE, refer to the SQUIRE guidelines for authors, or have formally adopted them as editorial policy.

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Permanente Journal Recommends SQUIRE

21 May, 2014

We are excited to announce that the Permanente Journal is recommending SQUIRE Guidelines for all its authors of quality improvement articles. The Permanente Journal advances knowledge in scientific research, clinical medicine, and innovative health care delivery.  The journal has over 25,000 print readers per quarter and more than 1 million Internet hits in 2013 from 187 countries. 

The Permanente Journal is an open-access, not-for-profit, peer-reviewed journal. It includes topics in medical science, social science in medicine, and medical humanities. They welcome submissions from all disciplines related to medicine.  For more information on The Permanente Journal click here.


The “road testing” of the SQUIRE Guidelines is underway!  Are you interested in helping us with this important stage of the development of the SQUIRE 2.0 Guidelines? 

Please contact us and let us know! 

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